Don’t give to receive and you will be eternally blessed.

During the month of February I was asked to volunteer to be part of the CANSA Relay For Life Committee to help organise the event that was to be held within three weeks of me joining. My proposed role was to source and manage entertainment.

FREAK OUT! Only 3 weeks!

So here I was, little old me, with three weeks to plan the entertainment for a 12 hour overnight relay! I must admit I was a tad concerned, so I started making calls right away.

In the end the stage was set and my programme of singers, dancers and ceremonies ran according to plan! I was so relieved, but I was more shocked by the emotions and enthusiasm of the people in the crowd. From 4pm to 4am they just kept going and going…all this to raise funds for a good cause.

The CANSA Association is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and serving patients with financial difficulties. Relay For Life gives communities affected by cancer the opportunity to raise awareness of the killer disease. The event, Relay For Life Parow, raised nearly R90 000!

Me receiving a certificate from CANSA 🙂

The experience of being part of a successful task was humbling and I’m proud to say I’m a member on the committee for the 2011 event too.

Money, money, money…

No, I don’t get paid to do it, but it brought me the kind of happiness someone only gets from doing something for someone else. When last did you think of putting the energy and effort of your body and mind into something that makes a difference?

Albert Einstein said: “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Wise guy…

Daily I look around and wonder the same thing: “Why are we all too selfish and proud to get down on our knees and scrub the floor of the earth to give thanks for it being there to walk on?” and “Why is it so hard to want to do something good for your fellow-man when you know you will get nothing physical out?”

Feel free to comment on this one. I’d like to start a discussion…


2 responses to “Don’t give to receive and you will be eternally blessed.

  1. nicolefernandes

    love it! congrats on your diploma you lookk stunning:) I definately believe people are selfish and way too busy with petty issues instead of giving back. I’m talking from experience, so I make sure I help out with events and fundraisers when ever I have the time, I have been assissting with the Portuguese community fundraising for past 3years- end result is always rewarding. However I feel one shoul rather use there skills and God given talents instead of money- therefore feeling the true reward, dont you think?

  2. Ah so proud – of the both of you! I am also doing my bit and I’m doing it using my talents! On the 28th of May 2010 there will be a fashion show for The Pink Launch – also a charity fundraiser for Cancer. They asked me to model for them, willing to pay R500 for the show. I told them no…. they can keep their money, of course I’ll do it for free!

    Last night I drove past a whole “bergie” family sleeping in the street – with a baby! It just made me realize that we are given so much out of His grace. We do not deserve all the things we are blessed with, but by giving back to the world I think it makes us a little bit more deserving (and thankful) for everything!

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