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In a traffic jam on Lion’s Head…

Last night, myself and a bunch of beautiful friend-people decided to take a hike up Lion’s Head…

My beautiful friend-people, Table Mountain (background) & I.

Now if you’ve ever been up Lion’s Head you’ll know that the best time to take the trip would be on a night of the full moon.

That way you watch the awesome Cape Town sunset as you ascend. And when you get to the top, you can stare in awe at the full moon shining off the water in the bay.

Last night, this was hardly the case. Although we did see the sunset and did catch a glimpse of the full moon (through the mist now and again) , we were pretty much in the clouds most of the way back… and in the rain!

Thanks to Danika for the pretty pics (and for clearing up the spelling of ‘queue’!) @ Nicole: Much love… it was great having you there Ms Intuition!

The sun setting on Camps Bay

Did I mention the queue on our way up AND down!?

The rest of the hikers coming down while we make our way up... Notice the queue?!

It took us between 19:30 and 11:30 to climb up and down. Does anyone know what the average time is? Something tells me it shouldn’t have taken more than 1h3o min.

It was an awesome experience nonetheless and I’d do it again any day!

Due to the fear of boredom we resorted to singing and dancing in the rain during our stroll down the mountain! Haha. Amazing how some people always make the most of a seemingly unpleasant situation.

This quote by Tim Robbins pretty much sums up what I gathered from the experience for myself…

“Our lives are not as limited as we think they are; the world is a wonderfully weird place; consensual reality is significantly flawed; no institution can be trusted, but love does work; all things are possible; and we all could be happy and fulfilled if we only had the guts to be truly free and the wisdom to shrink our egos and quit taking ourselves so damn seriously.”

And here's to the misty moonlight shadows ("moooon shaadow, moon shadow").


A dancer is proud, she is confident in perfection and she expresses herself with her entire body.

Independence, to me, is a dance. To be a great dancer takes perfection and dedication and lots of streeeeeetching. The more subtle your body the easier you achieve movement with commitment.

My favourite genre in dancing is contemporary dance. Please watch this video from my favourite show, So You Think You Can Dance, for a lil taste [or else you won’t understand what I’m talking about].

5 Times goosebumps :D. I love that most contemporary pieces are performed barefoot. It’s so natural and inspiring.

It’s a dance focussed on performance and movement execution. Lately I’ve considered it to be a lot like the crux of my personality; Forever adaptable to the pace of the music, executed with passion and purpose.

I crave to dance. I crave independence.

What motivates me?

Motivation is like love, it comes in different forms to people.

I’m not a lover of all material things, just some of them. I enjoy relaxing and I’m at peace mostly in natural surroundings, but still I’d have to say my vice is money.

In up’s and down’s money has been more prevalent in the good times. Sometimes I begin to wonder whether money makes the good times great. Then, there have been amazing times when money doesn’t even feature.

I’m only human. And you have to agree with me, money does make life a whole lot easier generally speaking.

People. Anyone who knows me personally would know that people motivate me. Not through persuasion, but actually just by being around, to be able to relate to, or not relate to. You fascinate me.

Experience is the next thing. I’ll admit to being wary, but I enjoy experiencing new things.

A random road trip to nowhere is my latest happy thought.

Oh ja, and I think this is adorable…


Every day is a good day.

Ever heard that some people “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” ? That’s the reason my bed is against my bedroom wall. And the ‘right’ side is the only side I can get out on.

Daily, the next 24 hours have the potential to turn bitter or sweet. Sure, life happens, but we move on as every second passes. Each second to follow holds a possibility of its own.

Starting the day in a good mood is a conscious decision. We’ve heard this line so many times, I actually don’t know why I even bothered repeating it. It’s a wonder why some people still don’t get it!

Going into something with a negative refrain, whether it may be a business opportunity, a trip to visit the family, or just the next five minutes of your day, never turns out well for anyone. So put some damn effort into being a friendly person for once! It’ll pay off, I guarantee you.

Be prepared to be delighted.

Feeling down? My advice: Look and act happy and you will become happy.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

It’s better to practice a little than talk alot…

…unless your job is only to talk, which is highly unlikely.

This topic made me curious about the statistics surrounding the truth in what people say. When someone says they are going to do something, how often is that statement half-hearted and how often do we actually mean what we say? If anyone has any info of a study on this topic please let me know in the comment thread below…

Daily we subconsciously scan the attitudes and characteristics of people to determine whether they are just ‘blabber-mouths’ or if they really are going to do as they say. It’s a human defence mechanism, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t worry about who to trust and who not to trust.

Blabber mouth by Planta

We generally find it easier to have confidence in people when they walk their talk. Isn’t it so that you more often than not disregard what people promise if you have no proof or experience of them  sticking to their word?

It is altogether a good thing to be human, especially because this way of judging a person’s character can bring surprises too (That is of course if they actually DO end up walking their talk).

What we should strive to do is believe in people and encourage them to bring to life their words. Tell them you are excited to see them craft their thoughts and that speech into action. If that doesn’t work try reverse psychology*.

Truth is, that the time it takes for you to spin a story about amazing things you are going to achieve, is directly proportional to the time it would take to practice a little toward actually reaching that goal.

If the goal you’re striving toward includes the learning of a skill or is simply defined by a trial and error process, you better get practicing! (If I was a douche-bag this line would have been replaced by a cliché saying, about practice.)

*Known to work specifically well when used on the male human species.

Don’t give to receive and you will be eternally blessed.

During the month of February I was asked to volunteer to be part of the CANSA Relay For Life Committee to help organise the event that was to be held within three weeks of me joining. My proposed role was to source and manage entertainment.

FREAK OUT! Only 3 weeks!

So here I was, little old me, with three weeks to plan the entertainment for a 12 hour overnight relay! I must admit I was a tad concerned, so I started making calls right away.

In the end the stage was set and my programme of singers, dancers and ceremonies ran according to plan! I was so relieved, but I was more shocked by the emotions and enthusiasm of the people in the crowd. From 4pm to 4am they just kept going and going…all this to raise funds for a good cause.

The CANSA Association is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and serving patients with financial difficulties. Relay For Life gives communities affected by cancer the opportunity to raise awareness of the killer disease. The event, Relay For Life Parow, raised nearly R90 000!

Me receiving a certificate from CANSA 🙂

The experience of being part of a successful task was humbling and I’m proud to say I’m a member on the committee for the 2011 event too.

Money, money, money…

No, I don’t get paid to do it, but it brought me the kind of happiness someone only gets from doing something for someone else. When last did you think of putting the energy and effort of your body and mind into something that makes a difference?

Albert Einstein said: “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Wise guy…

Daily I look around and wonder the same thing: “Why are we all too selfish and proud to get down on our knees and scrub the floor of the earth to give thanks for it being there to walk on?” and “Why is it so hard to want to do something good for your fellow-man when you know you will get nothing physical out?”

Feel free to comment on this one. I’d like to start a discussion…

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

“If that’s your ruined wedding cake then I hope you have a back-up cake waiting at reception!… Nobody likes roadkill on their icing…”


When things go wrong everyone has a different reaction. Some of us FREAK OUT, others CHILL OUT, but when the acting is over you’ll realise everything turned out fine and even if it didn’t really, what is done is done. STOP complaining.

The problem with a back-up cake is that it’s hardly ever as pretty as the original cake. Nonetheless a cake is a cake, so be grateful for your back-up cake- and EAT IT!

Feel free to replace this ‘back-up cake’ with anything you like. The moral of this story is…Take what you get and be grateful you have something to fill the empty void.

No matter who or what made that void, it was put there for you to build a bridge and get over.

I sell bricks and building supplies…call me 🙂