The truth in fiction.

In 1931 filmgoers were shaking in there boots at the sight of  Dracula. Little did they know that Bram Stoker, the writer of the original Dracula play, had fished his story out from the existance of a man named Vlad Tepes back in the 1440’s…

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One of the original Dracula 1931 film posters

Vlad Tepes was ruler of Wallachia, a town which was separated from Transylvania (now part of Romania) by a range of mountains. When Vlad came to the throne after his father (named Dracul) and brother were killed, the people of Wallachia were at war with each other.

Picture of portrait of Vlad the Impaler

Vlad began his reign by killing his enemies along with the poor and the sick of his community, by inviting them to dinner and burning them to death or torturing them. To cut a long story short, his favourite form of torture earned him the well-known name of Vlad the Impaler…

A Germanic illustration of Vlad the Impaler

He would order that his victims be impaled on long upward spikes. While he watched them struggle to their death he would eat a meal to the soundtrack of their screams and then ofcourse, drink their blood. True story kids :/

Was Vlad the Impaler immortal, no, he was murdered. Did his skin sparkle in the sun, I doubt it! Nonetheless he murdered the innocent and drank their blood!

I wrote this blog so that I can share that every unbelievable story has an element of truth in it, even those about vampires.

Before denying the existance of anything that could possibly be real find out the facts of the story that lies beneath.

5 responses to “The truth in fiction.

  1. Wow, good insight and daring to state! I think there is an element of truth in the creative however, be careful of embracing it as real. The idea is to create paths of existence!

    Have you read the “Dracula Manuscripts?” You may find these incredibly interesting! The “Historian,” is another book I would recommend!

    Happy Reading & Keep on Writing!

    • I am aware that the story of Vlad may or may not have been completely true and may have evolved into a sort of ‘myth’ over time. Still the fact that the story exists shows some truth.
      I’ve only very recently become fascinated by the stories behind the stories of vampires, so thanks for the reading recommendations!
      I take it you’re also quite inquisitive about the topic?

  2. nicolefernandes

    eeewww disgusting! scary to see how sick in the head some people are… I dont like to open myself to these kinds of stories- facts or not. call me ignorant but I feel there is enough crime in our country that one has to deal with, last thing I need is to start reading and listening to myths… nicely written though and interesting read:)

  3. Wow that man was sick!!!a story becomes scary when its true! i hope that doesnt happen in SA…heheheh

  4. Damn, and I was still planning to do the whole sun-skin-sparkle thing… was actually looking for a volunteer? Anyone? I’ll just have a little nibble I promise! Muahahahahaha (evil laugh).

    Okay, to cut the bull, this story is really freaky! It was like when I found out that the song “Ring around the Rosy” actually have truth behind it too! Do you know what the song is about? Dead people stinking – thus the reason to the “posies”.

    I used to L-O-V-E the series on MNet, “Buffy the vampire slayer”… maybe if I knew the story-behind-the-story, I would not have been so fascinated by it!

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