Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

“If that’s your ruined wedding cake then I hope you have a back-up cake waiting at reception!… Nobody likes roadkill on their icing…”


When things go wrong everyone has a different reaction. Some of us FREAK OUT, others CHILL OUT, but when the acting is over you’ll realise everything turned out fine and even if it didn’t really, what is done is done. STOP complaining.

The problem with a back-up cake is that it’s hardly ever as pretty as the original cake. Nonetheless a cake is a cake, so be grateful for your back-up cake- and EAT IT!

Feel free to replace this ‘back-up cake’ with anything you like. The moral of this story is…Take what you get and be grateful you have something to fill the empty void.

No matter who or what made that void, it was put there for you to build a bridge and get over.

I sell bricks and building supplies…call me 🙂


4 responses to “Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

  1. nicolefernandes

    Nice cocky blog miss van Onselen… but as PR people I think we are all or should be used to having back up plans. Hence crisis management, guess its one thing I can say I’m kind of good at.

  2. So important in life to be great full! We really dont know how lucky we actually are…

  3. Well, depending on your wedding’s theme, the roadkill cake might still be pulled off! Jokes…

    I don’t think the dropped cake issue is about worrying what your guests will eat. A wedding cake is for that special moment when a bride and groom cut their first piece together and feed each other… Awwww… It is kind-of a trophy for the bride as well, but I’m sure that Woolworths’ Chocolate-fudge Bunt Cake will do the job (and boy is it delicious)!

    I think that the story of the dropped wedding-cake might even make better wedding memories for the couple!

  4. awesome blog lauren XD and its to be agreed with. if i understand it correctly then yes you should have a back up cake but you still musnt settle for second best

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