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What motivates me?

Motivation is like love, it comes in different forms to people.

I’m not a lover of all material things, just some of them. I enjoy relaxing and I’m at peace mostly in natural surroundings, but still I’d have to say my vice is money.

In up’s and down’s money has been more prevalent in the good times. Sometimes I begin to wonder whether money makes the good times great. Then, there have been amazing times when money doesn’t even feature.

I’m only human. And you have to agree with me, money does make life a whole lot easier generally speaking.

People. Anyone who knows me personally would know that people motivate me. Not through persuasion, but actually just by being around, to be able to relate to, or not relate to. You fascinate me.

Experience is the next thing. I’ll admit to being wary, but I enjoy experiencing new things.

A random road trip to nowhere is my latest happy thought.

Oh ja, and I think this is adorable…


The sound of one hand clapping…

Impossible? Impossible is nothing…

Imagine you only had one  hand available, the other could be lighting up a cigarette, playing a piano or answering a telephone. This could be a common occurance as we’re almost always busy doing something with our hands nowadays.

Now imagine you were suddenly required to clap, but you cannot stop what you are busy doing. Most naturally you would resort to hitting your leg to make a clapping sound.

Lets be honest, the sound eminating from your leg really doesn’t sound half as good as a clap using your two hands. I’d think this is mostly due to the absence of a hand clapping a hand. Could it be possible to clap your unoccupied hand with itself?

Impossible is nothing.

Like most of the finer things in life, if you want to learn to clap with one hand all you need to do is find a tutor and give it a go. Depending on how fast a learner you are, you could be making the sound of one hand clapping in no time!

Rumour has it, the sound is alot better than a two handed clap. Tempted to give it a try? Google awaits you with open arms…

The question “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is actually a philosophical Zen riddle. Pondering the question is meant to bring you some form of enlightenment.

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The good news is that there can be no wrong answer (so you won’t be getting a ‘klap’ in the neck anytime soon). How each of us have interpreted this topic will be according to what we believe and know.

I feel the power of individuality in that and I’m loving it!


We are afraid of the wrong things.

Being afraid of the wrong thing is possibly only something that can be differentiated per person. Your fears and my fears are different and I may feel that you don’t need to fear something, but I do not know your background. Our thinking, things we’ve heard and our experiences lead us to be afraid of things.

Some suffer from Vestiphobia, the intense fear of clothes or clothing. Do you think that’s as ridiculous as I do? You may say that wasting your time fearing clothes is wrong, but who knows what made the person afraid of clothes scared of clothes. Just saying…Ok I think you get my point. (See an A-Z list of phobia’s HERE.)

Although saying things are wrong to fear can depend from person to person, our fears can still be controlled and prevented from coming true.

Did you ever hear of the Law of Attraction? I’m not talking about how you and your boyfriend met, I’m talking about how the vibrations that you send out to the rest of the world allow certain things to reach you and become part of your life.

The Law of Attraction can work both positively and negatively and is based on the orientation of our thoughts. The Secret, once a book now a documentary too, also speaks about how what you focus your thoughts on will guide your actions and become your reality. The Secret guides you to get what you want out of the Law of Attraction, but doesn’t teach you the flip side.


Embrace your positive thoughts!

Here’s the flip side. By being afraid of things we are allowing them to enter our lives, because we constantly keep them in our thoughts. By allowing your vibrations to sync with what you fear you let the Law of Attraction work in a negative way.

To be aware and to be afraid are two different things, so rather be aware of possible dangers than to be continuously afraid and draw them to you. Positively orientating your thoughts and imagining things getting better and better is certainly the way to go.

The exclusivity of your mind.

Two people come out of a building and into a story… We all feel as if we’re living stories, don’t we? The most intricate characters ever to roam the pages of books were very possibly a subject of interest to the novelist who would write that book.

“A man sitting at an outdoor Cafe in Prague observes a woman in a bright flowing red dress exiting a gloomy building. She’s in such a hurry that she escapes the swing of the door rotating at her heel by only an inch. Suddenly she stops.”

The paths we encounter daily predict our interpretation of things we find in the future . And as close as we hope to get to experiencing a moment that someone else has experienced, it can never be exactly the same.

I don’t believe anyone can ever physically duplicate a single moment of another person’s life in totality. By ‘in totality’ I mean in thought, in perception , in emotion, in sight, in feeling and in the rest of our senses.

That is how exclusive each human is. Looking through a wider lens, you may say it is even inimitable of us to think about some things as deeply as we do…

We’re inquisitive beings who think A LOT! For some it leads to depression, leaving numerous questions unanswered and dwelled upon. For others it means enlightenment from coming to terms with the beauty of what cannot be explained, but simply just IS.