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Every day is a good day.

Ever heard that some people “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” ? That’s the reason my bed is against my bedroom wall. And the ‘right’ side is the only side I can get out on.

Daily, the next 24 hours have the potential to turn bitter or sweet. Sure, life happens, but we move on as every second passes. Each second to follow holds a possibility of its own.

Starting the day in a good mood is a conscious decision. We’ve heard this line so many times, I actually don’t know why I even bothered repeating it. It’s a wonder why some people still don’t get it!

Going into something with a negative refrain, whether it may be a business opportunity, a trip to visit the family, or just the next five minutes of your day, never turns out well for anyone. So put some damn effort into being a friendly person for once! It’ll pay off, I guarantee you.

Be prepared to be delighted.

Feeling down? My advice: Look and act happy and you will become happy.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

We are afraid of the wrong things.

Being afraid of the wrong thing is possibly only something that can be differentiated per person. Your fears and my fears are different and I may feel that you don’t need to fear something, but I do not know your background. Our thinking, things we’ve heard and our experiences lead us to be afraid of things.

Some suffer from Vestiphobia, the intense fear of clothes or clothing. Do you think that’s as ridiculous as I do? You may say that wasting your time fearing clothes is wrong, but who knows what made the person afraid of clothes scared of clothes. Just saying…Ok I think you get my point. (See an A-Z list of phobia’s HERE.)

Although saying things are wrong to fear can depend from person to person, our fears can still be controlled and prevented from coming true.

Did you ever hear of the Law of Attraction? I’m not talking about how you and your boyfriend met, I’m talking about how the vibrations that you send out to the rest of the world allow certain things to reach you and become part of your life.

The Law of Attraction can work both positively and negatively and is based on the orientation of our thoughts. The Secret, once a book now a documentary too, also speaks about how what you focus your thoughts on will guide your actions and become your reality. The Secret guides you to get what you want out of the Law of Attraction, but doesn’t teach you the flip side.


Embrace your positive thoughts!

Here’s the flip side. By being afraid of things we are allowing them to enter our lives, because we constantly keep them in our thoughts. By allowing your vibrations to sync with what you fear you let the Law of Attraction work in a negative way.

To be aware and to be afraid are two different things, so rather be aware of possible dangers than to be continuously afraid and draw them to you. Positively orientating your thoughts and imagining things getting better and better is certainly the way to go.