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What motivates me?

Motivation is like love, it comes in different forms to people.

I’m not a lover of all material things, just some of them. I enjoy relaxing and I’m at peace mostly in natural surroundings, but still I’d have to say my vice is money.

In up’s and down’s money has been more prevalent in the good times. Sometimes I begin to wonder whether money makes the good times great. Then, there have been amazing times when money doesn’t even feature.

I’m only human. And you have to agree with me, money does make life a whole lot easier generally speaking.

People. Anyone who knows me personally would know that people motivate me. Not through persuasion, but actually just by being around, to be able to relate to, or not relate to. You fascinate me.

Experience is the next thing. I’ll admit to being wary, but I enjoy experiencing new things.

A random road trip to nowhere is my latest happy thought.

Oh ja, and I think this is adorable…


Every day is a good day.

Ever heard that some people “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” ? That’s the reason my bed is against my bedroom wall. And the ‘right’ side is the only side I can get out on.

Daily, the next 24 hours have the potential to turn bitter or sweet. Sure, life happens, but we move on as every second passes. Each second to follow holds a possibility of its own.

Starting the day in a good mood is a conscious decision. We’ve heard this line so many times, I actually don’t know why I even bothered repeating it. It’s a wonder why some people still don’t get it!

Going into something with a negative refrain, whether it may be a business opportunity, a trip to visit the family, or just the next five minutes of your day, never turns out well for anyone. So put some damn effort into being a friendly person for once! It’ll pay off, I guarantee you.

Be prepared to be delighted.

Feeling down? My advice: Look and act happy and you will become happy.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

It’s a poor idea to lie to yourself.

I agree with this statement, but I feel guilty to say so. The word HOPE has alot to do with my feelings…

A while ago I changed my Facebook status to this: “False hope? There is no such thing. Either you hope or you don’t…” I was hoping everything was as it seemed, but that’s another story.

For some  reason what I had said just seemed too shallow, so I went looking for a reason why. I coincidentally (or not) came across a quote by Margaret Weis that I needed to follow with.

So I commented on my status saying: “Shitties look what I found :/  “Hope is the denial of reality” (Margaret Weis) ARGH >< Will I ever win?”

What I’ve realised is that when the word hope is used e.g. “I hope that bird isn’t going to poo on my head” it is used on the grounds that the thing you hope isn’t going to happen, most probably IS going to happen.

If you deny what is going to happen, soon you may start denying what IS happening and that’s when you become blind to the truth and lie to yourself.

So obviously… to lie to yourself is a bad idea, but to realise you’re lying to yourself may be a new obstacle altogether.

The sound of one hand clapping…

Impossible? Impossible is nothing…

Imagine you only had one  hand available, the other could be lighting up a cigarette, playing a piano or answering a telephone. This could be a common occurance as we’re almost always busy doing something with our hands nowadays.

Now imagine you were suddenly required to clap, but you cannot stop what you are busy doing. Most naturally you would resort to hitting your leg to make a clapping sound.

Lets be honest, the sound eminating from your leg really doesn’t sound half as good as a clap using your two hands. I’d think this is mostly due to the absence of a hand clapping a hand. Could it be possible to clap your unoccupied hand with itself?

Impossible is nothing.

Like most of the finer things in life, if you want to learn to clap with one hand all you need to do is find a tutor and give it a go. Depending on how fast a learner you are, you could be making the sound of one hand clapping in no time!

Rumour has it, the sound is alot better than a two handed clap. Tempted to give it a try? Google awaits you with open arms…

The question “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is actually a philosophical Zen riddle. Pondering the question is meant to bring you some form of enlightenment.

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The good news is that there can be no wrong answer (so you won’t be getting a ‘klap’ in the neck anytime soon). How each of us have interpreted this topic will be according to what we believe and know.

I feel the power of individuality in that and I’m loving it!


We are what we do.

True, but only if we aren’t forced to do what we do. In a democratic system this shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, go see a doctor, because the government ‘aint gonna do anything about it! Just kidding.

Look, I love writing blogs, but I really don’t feel passionate about this topic AT ALL. Just being honest ok?

The topic represents something I’ve known since I was 5…

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words”

“Watch your words, they become your actions”

“Watch your actions, they become your habits”

“Watch your habits, they become your character”

“Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”

Yes, it makes sense, and for some it may even be a good guideline to the way they live their life. I’ve been applying that saying to my life for quite some time. To be totally honest, I’m missing some excitement here. Old frikken news!

I want to stray from the old and bounce into the new. I’m not as unconventional as I’d like to be and I’m going to make that change.

By the way, if we are what we do, then is what I do what I am? And here I thought I was just a person :/

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The significance of your existence

Stand alone on a hilltop and look into the distance…what you see is a trillionth of all the views anyone can ever see of the earth’s surface. Now compare your size to the entire universe.

What are the odds of you possibly being recalled for doing something great that changed the course of history? Well, I don’t know, but I’m guessing you think the ratio looks something like this; 100 000 000:1. Or does it?

You are a machine that is able to think, act and adapt on your own. We need to stop doubting the power of our lives. What we think leads us to our destiny and if we think we’re insignificant then we WILL BE insignificant.

By using the gifts from those who stood out in history before you, it is possible to stand up from the crowd and speak to the world!  They’ve made it easier for us in more ways than one to make an impact with our lives.

There were people who taught us valuable lessons in humanity, lessons in bravery and lessons in perseverance. I feel guilty to let these lessons go to waste, and so should you.