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The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online…

1.) Making contact with people you forgot existed: You have a friend request from Jan-Blom Paapendorf :/ WTF? Turns out he was in school with you  from Sub-A until Matric. Really?

2.) Developing a phobia: You might develop a social phobia and become embarrassed or afraid of people judging you.

3.) Realise the magnitude of impact your voice can make: Once you try your hand at blogging or simply updating your Facebook status, you will begin to see the effect that your words and thoughts have on those who pay attention to what you say.

4.) Carpal tunnel syndrome: Yea, being online…or being in front of a computer for too long at a time can totally mess with your nervous system. Check this out.

5.) You get side-tracked: Famous excuse among students. HAHA! One minute you’re researching some hard-core facts and the next minute you realise you’ve been browsing a bunch of non-sensical bs for over an hour!

6.) Stress: A result of getting side-tracked by being online.

7.) You become insensitive: It’s so easy to say “NO” over the net. You won’t hear the sigh on the other side and the other side doesn’t see your evil smirk. Easy peasy.

8.) Suddenly you become really busy: Being online opens so many new channels for opportunity that you may find yourself grasping at things faster than a soccer mom at a shoe sale.

9.) Face to face communication FAIL: You lose your ability to stay integral. Being a social butterfly, in the true sense, doesn’t come as naturally as it did before.

10.) Learning even more about your best friend: It’s easy to learn more about friends through sharing stuff over the net. This is probably the best consequence of being online.

Web 2.0 clothing innovation

Juan Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Billabong, Nike, Springleap? Clothing labels. Some are famous for their creators and some for their innovation in a field.

Since web 2.0 and the integration of social media and branding  has become such a popular topic I thought I’d join the party and share with you the community that is Springleap.

Springleap.com is a clothing label, currently dabbling in t-shirts, which has embraced the use of the internet as far as it can manage.  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, a blog forum, a photo gallery and online competitions are just some of the methods they use to get people involved with what they do on the net.

The main way to get involved is to choose the winners in their t-shirt design competitions. Huh? Yes, you choose the winners via a voting process in which you grade each and every design submitted to the specific competition.

The best part is that you have the opportunity of telling the designer EXACTLY what you think of their work. Believe me, it can get hot in there.

If you’d like to risk your alias and your pride for a shot at a few thousand bucks, you could design a creation of your own and submit it too.

If you’d like to be a part of the action subscribe to the website and have a look around. You will find links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles on the homepage.

Here’s one for the Star Wars fans, because I am your father…the image is linked…u may click on it my son…

Me in the "Who's your Daddy?" tee by a designer named DotNot.

Happy Crowdsourcing Sorcerors 🙂