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What motivates me?

Motivation is like love, it comes in different forms to people.

I’m not a lover of all material things, just some of them. I enjoy relaxing and I’m at peace mostly in natural surroundings, but still I’d have to say my vice is money.

In up’s and down’s money has been more prevalent in the good times. Sometimes I begin to wonder whether money makes the good times great. Then, there have been amazing times when money doesn’t even feature.

I’m only human. And you have to agree with me, money does make life a whole lot easier generally speaking.

People. Anyone who knows me personally would know that people motivate me. Not through persuasion, but actually just by being around, to be able to relate to, or not relate to. You fascinate me.

Experience is the next thing. I’ll admit to being wary, but I enjoy experiencing new things.

A random road trip to nowhere is my latest happy thought.

Oh ja, and I think this is adorable…



The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online…

1.) Making contact with people you forgot existed: You have a friend request from Jan-Blom Paapendorf :/ WTF? Turns out he was in school with you  from Sub-A until Matric. Really?

2.) Developing a phobia: You might develop a social phobia and become embarrassed or afraid of people judging you.

3.) Realise the magnitude of impact your voice can make: Once you try your hand at blogging or simply updating your Facebook status, you will begin to see the effect that your words and thoughts have on those who pay attention to what you say.

4.) Carpal tunnel syndrome: Yea, being online…or being in front of a computer for too long at a time can totally mess with your nervous system. Check this out.

5.) You get side-tracked: Famous excuse among students. HAHA! One minute you’re researching some hard-core facts and the next minute you realise you’ve been browsing a bunch of non-sensical bs for over an hour!

6.) Stress: A result of getting side-tracked by being online.

7.) You become insensitive: It’s so easy to say “NO” over the net. You won’t hear the sigh on the other side and the other side doesn’t see your evil smirk. Easy peasy.

8.) Suddenly you become really busy: Being online opens so many new channels for opportunity that you may find yourself grasping at things faster than a soccer mom at a shoe sale.

9.) Face to face communication FAIL: You lose your ability to stay integral. Being a social butterfly, in the true sense, doesn’t come as naturally as it did before.

10.) Learning even more about your best friend: It’s easy to learn more about friends through sharing stuff over the net. This is probably the best consequence of being online.

Not all who wander are lost.

Wandering is associated with living creatures who are always on the go. One of these such creatures, named very appropriately, is the Brazilian wandering spider. This guy doesn’t spin a web or stand still for very long periods of time, and it is the most deadly spider in the world.

Before an anti-venom was created for its poisonous bite, 1000 people a year died from its attack. He’s wandering all right, but I doubt he’s lost. Here’s a cool clip from National Geographic about the wandering spider and its huge cousin, the tarantula.

How about us? I believe not all humans who wander are lost (unless they were lost before they started wandering).

The thing about wandering is…it usually happens naturally. Something catches your eye, and off you go…you have forgotten about what it is that you were doing in the first place.

Wandering gives people the opportunity to find something. This something may be physical, but more often than not, it is spiritual.

Many of us may wander off into a peaceful place, like a forest, some may prefer the seaside. For myself, wandering is something I do purposelywhen I feel I need to take a break from everyday life and reconnect with nature, otherwise it happens out of the blue.

A painting by Pam Hough click to follow to PamHough.com

Wandering encourages me to see paths I have never walked before and it gives me the opportunity to take that path and discover things.

There is something secretly soothing about walking alone in an unknown place. It allows our minds to expand and think without any interruptions.

I am not lost when I wander off. Wandering provokes the awakening of my conscience.

The significance of your existence

Stand alone on a hilltop and look into the distance…what you see is a trillionth of all the views anyone can ever see of the earth’s surface. Now compare your size to the entire universe.

What are the odds of you possibly being recalled for doing something great that changed the course of history? Well, I don’t know, but I’m guessing you think the ratio looks something like this; 100 000 000:1. Or does it?

You are a machine that is able to think, act and adapt on your own. We need to stop doubting the power of our lives. What we think leads us to our destiny and if we think we’re insignificant then we WILL BE insignificant.

By using the gifts from those who stood out in history before you, it is possible to stand up from the crowd and speak to the world!  They’ve made it easier for us in more ways than one to make an impact with our lives.

There were people who taught us valuable lessons in humanity, lessons in bravery and lessons in perseverance. I feel guilty to let these lessons go to waste, and so should you.