The elephant in the room

This is a funny one. It’s like a joke that never gets old.

Ah, how I love the human psyche. There are some things people tend to ignore so as to not make anyone in the surrounds feel uncomfortable. And you know what, I don’t see this as a flaw in human nature at all. I actually find it quite entertaining.

Find the elephant in my blog... Hint: It's in the example.

Often there will be someone who is brave (or foolish) enough to point out the obvious. This ends in embarrassment, almost inevitably. What’s hilarious though, is that everyone else was thinking exactly the same thing, but ironically deny it.

Trust me, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t point out that your hottest lecturer’s fly is undone in the middle of a session. He will be embarrassed and everyone will question where you were looking resulting in your embarrassment too.

We know they were all staring at his crotch too, right? RIGHT.

Yet still, the joke is on you! Pa!ha!

There’s actually an elephant in this blog…anyone brave enough to point it out? 😛 I dare you


Every day is a good day.

Ever heard that some people “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” ? That’s the reason my bed is against my bedroom wall. And the ‘right’ side is the only side I can get out on.

Daily, the next 24 hours have the potential to turn bitter or sweet. Sure, life happens, but we move on as every second passes. Each second to follow holds a possibility of its own.

Starting the day in a good mood is a conscious decision. We’ve heard this line so many times, I actually don’t know why I even bothered repeating it. It’s a wonder why some people still don’t get it!

Going into something with a negative refrain, whether it may be a business opportunity, a trip to visit the family, or just the next five minutes of your day, never turns out well for anyone. So put some damn effort into being a friendly person for once! It’ll pay off, I guarantee you.

Be prepared to be delighted.

Feeling down? My advice: Look and act happy and you will become happy.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses… Whaaat?

This statement is absurd.

It seems so painful to me that people always try to outsmart the positive with the negative. Having strengths and weaknesses are part of being human and so are consequences. There are consequences that come with being great at some things, and being shit at others.

I do agree that your greatest strength could be detrimental to your character on some level, but I don’t believe it presents you with your greatest weakness at the same time. How can you even call it your GREATEST strength if it is equal in presenting you with a weakness just as great? Then it aint great at all!

That’s like saying your greatest strength is that you’re funny, but you pee in your pants when people laugh at you. U follow?

If you regard being funny as your greatest strength then there is some real reason behind WHY you see it as your greatest strength. Clearly you wouldn’t consider it your greatest strength if it gave you an equal amount of mishap as it did joy?

Just saying.

Try a clichĂ©…

In learning how to write properly I remember being warned about using clichĂ©’s. I still don’t know whether I write ‘properly’, but I don’t see how they could ever be completely detrimental to my writing skills.

Cliche’s make me cringe. Especially when my mother uses them. They’re worn out phrases that people use to breed familiarity with. Often I’ve contemplated using words to replace the clichĂ©’s that pop into my head, but they never have the same effect.

As douche-baggish as they may sound, I’ve found that most clichĂ©’s have a subliminal message attached to them that cannot be replaced by simple, or not so simple English.

The writing is on the wall…I could continue to talk a hind leg off a donkey, but I’ve already made myself  crystal clear.

Don’t be afraid to think inside the box.

Avoiding the cliche... not always fun

Then again, being different isn’t always blissful.

Feelings follow behaviour

Yea, they do. Feelings are the aftermath of behaviour.

During moments of rushed decision-making you will find yourself looking back and thinking: “What did I do that for?” or “I’m so glad I did that”. Both of your responses, good or bad, are egged on by your feelings which triggered your thoughts.

It’s one of those raw facts of life. Sometimes, no matter how strongly you anticipate the feelings that await you after doing something, you will only truly feel them once you’ve made your move. At least you had your guard up and ready to deal with what was coming your way.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t think before you do, then this is a lesson you still need to learn.

Consider some consideration

Consider some consideration. Your actions don’t only bare consequences for you. Whether directly or indirectly you will always affect those who surround you on some level. Like farting in an elevator… it’s so lame!

That never minded attitude is so appealing to me. I wish I could go through life only thinking about what I want, getting what I want, when I want it.

Although it seems like such an attractive idea, I can’t help remembering that I despise people with that attitude.

Finding a balance between is what we have to do. Weigh out the options…perhaps one action may have fewer feelings and reactions to follow than the other. Decisions, decisions…

Japanese rice art!

Seems all things Japanese and wonderful keep making their way into my life. This time my surprise came in the form of an email from my boyfriends mum.

Again it involves Japanese art. Hooooda-thunk-it!

Japanese farming villages have decided to take on a different approach to making their farming efforts unique. Aomori prefecture village of Inakadate, has earned a reputation for its rice illustration which was planted for the first time in the summer of 2009.

Sengoku Warrior

How do they do it? Well, if you are a Farmville player (hehe) you will know that rice comes in different colours. Farm workers need to strategically plant the rice in position, so that when it grows the colours paint a picture. The faster the crop grows the faster the illustration emerges.


Team work does wonders


Can you see the image emerging?


The final product


See more images here.

In my last post about Japanese art I referred (and linked) to a famous historical artwork by Hokusai called the Great wave… If you recognise the image above and didn’t know why, there’s your explanation. It seems the Japanese realise that the rest of the world has an interest in this piece. They sure know talent when they see it.

I want to know how long these planting sessions take to plan! Congrats to the Japanese, innovation comes so easily to them!

Recreation and  productivity at the same time. Like a dream…It’s like finding a job that you enjoy.

I’m going to try it on my Farmville farm now! I’ll let you know how it works out 😉

It’s better to practice a little than talk alot…

…unless your job is only to talk, which is highly unlikely.

This topic made me curious about the statistics surrounding the truth in what people say. When someone says they are going to do something, how often is that statement half-hearted and how often do we actually mean what we say? If anyone has any info of a study on this topic please let me know in the comment thread below…

Daily we subconsciously scan the attitudes and characteristics of people to determine whether they are just ‘blabber-mouths’ or if they really are going to do as they say. It’s a human defence mechanism, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t worry about who to trust and who not to trust.

Blabber mouth by Planta

We generally find it easier to have confidence in people when they walk their talk. Isn’t it so that you more often than not disregard what people promise if you have no proof or experience of them  sticking to their word?

It is altogether a good thing to be human, especially because this way of judging a person’s character can bring surprises too (That is of course if they actually DO end up walking their talk).

What we should strive to do is believe in people and encourage them to bring to life their words. Tell them you are excited to see them craft their thoughts and that speech into action. If that doesn’t work try reverse psychology*.

Truth is, that the time it takes for you to spin a story about amazing things you are going to achieve, is directly proportional to the time it would take to practice a little toward actually reaching that goal.

If the goal you’re striving toward includes the learning of a skill or is simply defined by a trial and error process, you better get practicing! (If I was a douche-bag this line would have been replaced by a clichĂ© saying, about practice.)

*Known to work specifically well when used on the male human species.