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The elephant in the room

This is a funny one. It’s like a joke that never gets old.

Ah, how I love the human psyche. There are some things people tend to ignore so as to not make anyone in the surrounds feel uncomfortable. And you know what, I don’t see this as a flaw in human nature at all. I actually find it quite entertaining.

Find the elephant in my blog... Hint: It's in the example.

Often there will be someone who is brave (or foolish) enough to point out the obvious. This ends in embarrassment, almost inevitably. What’s hilarious though, is that everyone else was thinking exactly the same thing, but ironically deny it.

Trust me, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t point out that your hottest lecturer’s fly is undone in the middle of a session. He will be embarrassed and everyone will question where you were looking resulting in your embarrassment too.

We know they were all staring at his crotch too, right? RIGHT.

Yet still, the joke is on you! Pa!ha!

There’s actually an elephant in this blog…anyone brave enough to point it out? 😛 I dare you

The truth in fiction.

In 1931 filmgoers were shaking in there boots at the sight of  Dracula. Little did they know that Bram Stoker, the writer of the original Dracula play, had fished his story out from the existance of a man named Vlad Tepes back in the 1440’s…

Click for source

One of the original Dracula 1931 film posters

Vlad Tepes was ruler of Wallachia, a town which was separated from Transylvania (now part of Romania) by a range of mountains. When Vlad came to the throne after his father (named Dracul) and brother were killed, the people of Wallachia were at war with each other.

Picture of portrait of Vlad the Impaler

Vlad began his reign by killing his enemies along with the poor and the sick of his community, by inviting them to dinner and burning them to death or torturing them. To cut a long story short, his favourite form of torture earned him the well-known name of Vlad the Impaler…

A Germanic illustration of Vlad the Impaler

He would order that his victims be impaled on long upward spikes. While he watched them struggle to their death he would eat a meal to the soundtrack of their screams and then ofcourse, drink their blood. True story kids :/

Was Vlad the Impaler immortal, no, he was murdered. Did his skin sparkle in the sun, I doubt it! Nonetheless he murdered the innocent and drank their blood!

I wrote this blog so that I can share that every unbelievable story has an element of truth in it, even those about vampires.

Before denying the existance of anything that could possibly be real find out the facts of the story that lies beneath.

My art obsession confession

Contrary to popular belief, the first nations to make use of printing were the Chinese and Japanese in the early 1800’s.

Woodblock printing is the name of one of the techniques they used. As the name suggests they made use of wood to paint on and then press onto paper with. The technique was used mostly for art forms and in Chinese Buddhist temple books.

One of the artists in Japan to make use of this technique was Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). He is mostly remembered this beautiful painting of a wave in front of Mount Fuji which he called The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Click on the link, you won’t be disappointed!

I’ve never studied art, which is kind of weird, because I’ve always found it really fascinating. So, when I came across the years of historical paintings and prints that Japanese artists left behind… I just couldn’t stop searching for more and more to feed my hungry eyeballs with!

THEN I found Fuco… and became obsessed.

Fuco Ueda is undoubtably my favourite artist at this point in time. Her work is both unethical and non-sensical, but at the same time captivating and freakishly awesome!

I can stare at these prints for hours on end…

Click here to go to

I love her work, because it gives me a dreamy feeling. The detail of the girl’s hair in the images make me want to draw over them with precision and all the concentration I can offer. I could think up a story for every one of them.

This woman has the imagination of an old ‘twisted sister’ soul with the talent of a rainbow god.

I really don’t have any better words to describe her.

Pam Grossman, author of Phantasmaphile, had the following to say about Ueda’s work:

“The heroines of Fuco Ueda’s paintings are often on the brink of danger.  These beauties are at once victims and agents.  But whether the threats are self-inflicted or not, they make for fierce and beautiful narratives.”

Click on HERE to read Fuco Ueda’s bio and to see more of her work. It’s fantastic to see how she’s grown as an artist in the past decade or so. While you’re there would you mind purchasing and mailing me a print or two? hehe

So now it’s your turn…who is your favourite artist and why?

Add links to images please! I’m the one with the hungry eyes…

The sound of one hand clapping…

Impossible? Impossible is nothing…

Imagine you only had one  hand available, the other could be lighting up a cigarette, playing a piano or answering a telephone. This could be a common occurance as we’re almost always busy doing something with our hands nowadays.

Now imagine you were suddenly required to clap, but you cannot stop what you are busy doing. Most naturally you would resort to hitting your leg to make a clapping sound.

Lets be honest, the sound eminating from your leg really doesn’t sound half as good as a clap using your two hands. I’d think this is mostly due to the absence of a hand clapping a hand. Could it be possible to clap your unoccupied hand with itself?

Impossible is nothing.

Like most of the finer things in life, if you want to learn to clap with one hand all you need to do is find a tutor and give it a go. Depending on how fast a learner you are, you could be making the sound of one hand clapping in no time!

Rumour has it, the sound is alot better than a two handed clap. Tempted to give it a try? Google awaits you with open arms…

The question “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is actually a philosophical Zen riddle. Pondering the question is meant to bring you some form of enlightenment.

Click to go to original source

The good news is that there can be no wrong answer (so you won’t be getting a ‘klap’ in the neck anytime soon). How each of us have interpreted this topic will be according to what we believe and know.

I feel the power of individuality in that and I’m loving it!


The failtacular “blog”

I don’t know what I want to write about today, so I thought I’d write about not wanting to write.

Do you ever feel like you just want to take a break and just not do what is expected of you? I think it’s the rebel in me speaking, hehe.

I’ve had a really good time with my friends and family over the last three days. I sort of feel as though I’ve been talking so much that I have nothing left to say!

Really now. We’re meant to be excercising our individuality here. What does it say about me as an individual when I just feel I have nothing to say?


Essentially I have just written a blog and you are reading it, and because your reading it must mean something right? Could it be FAILTACULAR?


I hope you enjoyed this entry. I didn’t. Just being honest. Here’s your chance to be totally honest back…


P.S. I know I said I would be writing about 2010 conspiracies this time around. I’m not though, and I’m sorry. I guess I just lost interest in the topic. It’s sad, but it’s true. If you’re still REALLY interested then please let me know and I’ll forward you some good articles to read concerning 2010 🙂 PEACE OUT.

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

Taking a single step from the top of a 100-foot pole spells disaster. So depending on whether you want to get really technical here it could be a bit tricky.

The only way possible I can think of is if you were to step onto an outdoor Heister, like those used by the guys who fix telephone wires, and simply be lowered to the ground.

Let’s think realistically here; you’re stuck at the top of a hundred foot pole (Only you know how you got that right) and you need to find a way of getting yourself back down to earth.

If you’re like me you’ll make a plan to get yourself to the bottom safely, as opposed to jumping and rupturing your spleen. As we say in Afrikaans ” ‘n boer maak ‘n plan”.

Here are a few ways I can think of getting down from a hundred foot pole, safely:

1.) Stripper style: With a curly blonde wig on your head and a garter if you like, firmly grip hold of the pole with your thighs by wrapping your legs around it. Now squash your chest closely against the pole and hold on for dear life with your hands. With the skill of a sloth and the modesty of a pink flamingo slowly lower yourself to the ground. End your descent off with a professionally sexy pose.

2.)None of the other method’s I could think of came close to being as entertaining and effective as the one above. Consequently this is the end of my blog entry.