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Tat[too] much?

The process of deciding what want to embellish my skin with has been going on for the past few years. Now I’ve finally found a concept that I could fall in love with. I say ‘could’, because I’m not totally satisfied with any proposed final product yet.

I started out with an idea and I thought I had it down. Then I started drawing and the possibilities became endless. Feels as though I’m back at the start. Ever feel that way? blegh

Could just stop being so petty and get it done, but then I’ll miss out on the journey of finding things for it to entail. The journey is more enticing to me. It has to be a work of art. I wouldn’t just want to slap any old image on.

Hopefully it gets done before I die. lol. Imagine that fail.

Attempt 2 at the key

The things I am sure about, is that the heart locket must be unlocked and that the key must have all the symbolism it can hold. Oh and detail. As much as possible. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

My Top 200 achievements

According to an achievement is something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.

Achievements are things that people can be proud of.  If achievements come pouring in for you, then congrats on all your hard work.  You probably fuel the occasional “WOW!”.

Achievements are the things that have given you an extra cut-above-the-rest. For many people achieving something new may come by surprise, well most things I’ve achieved have. It’s all in making the right decision at the appropriate time. Living in the moment.

Anyway, here are some of the most significant achievements in my life thus far. Some may just be here, because I was proud at the time and others, because they made me happy:

  1. Spice Girl in Primary school play (That was major for a lil girl back then. I was Posh Spice.)
  2. Awarded the “Best Hairstyle” award in Gr.7.
  3. Awarded the “Social Butterfly” award 3rd year PR.
  4. Matric Certificate (Yes, I finished school, and I loved it!)
  5. Senior Council member 2006 ( Big job in a school of  1500!)
  6. Global Forum Solutions Team member 2010 (Rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential business people in the world. Worth the brag!)
  7. Survived Septicemia March 2009 (Hint: it’s not an event, it’s an illness.)
  8. Worked at Kodak Photographic store for 2 years.
  9. Learned how to manually operate an SLR Digital camera.
  10. Graduated with my Public Relations Management Diploma.
  11. Accepted to continue my studies on Btech level.
  12. Accepted to study Film and Media Studies at UCT (Wonder what life would have been like if I had taken that path.)
  13. Accepted to study Public Relations Management at CPUT.
  14. Danced and acted in 3 school plays.
  15. Choreographed and taught dances to Gr.8 kids for a concert.
  16. Successfully applied for an internship at
  17. Worked at for a year.
  18. Completed my dancing exams until Final Grade level (Still want to go further!)
  19. Managed Cafe Latino coffee shop from time to time. (I love being the boss 😛 )
  20. Managed a stand at Rocking the Daisies 2009 and Easter Vortex 2009.
  21. Sourced and managed entertainment for CANSA Parow Relay for Life 2010.
  22. Helped raise over R80 000 for CANSA.
  23. Cheerleader in Highschool. (Contrary to popular belief the BHS cheerleaders work their asses off to control a crowd of 1500 learners.)
  24. Winning Interschools Singing Cup.
  25. Winning Intercolours Singing Cup.
  26. Took part in the first Twitter lecture online in 2010.
  27. Travelled to New Zealand and experienced it’s beauty in 2007.
  28. Danced non-stop for 9 hours (and it hurt, but it was worth it) at Lockdown V in 2010.
  29. I realised that this is going to take forever.
  30. I realised that I could be using this time to achieve #31.

I’m not going to share my other 170 achievements, because I’m not sure they’re totally legit ( like the Spice Girls one ) and because there isn’t much you can take for yourself by reading about my achievements.

Try writing your list… it’s not easy. Makes you wonder how you managed to stay on the planet for so long and only do so little :/ Then again, maybe ‘achievements’ is too much of an academic word.

Let’s rather write a list of our “Top 200 Happy Moments”. I prefer not to be too serious 😉

The lil’ things…

Following my last blog, this one may seem strange, nearly contradictory.

I found the conflict to be within me though…as I reached for a lil’ bowl of chocolate cluster crumbs on my desk.

I’m not a chocolate fan, I’d rather eat olives or egg-plant ,but there’s something about a rare treat makes me love life even more.

It may possibly be that the more I have of something the less I like it. On the other hand, I’ve loved olives all my life.

Life’s dimensions have got me entertained. For the first time in a while I enjoy my own company.

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online…

1.) Making contact with people you forgot existed: You have a friend request from Jan-Blom Paapendorf :/ WTF? Turns out he was in school with you  from Sub-A until Matric. Really?

2.) Developing a phobia: You might develop a social phobia and become embarrassed or afraid of people judging you.

3.) Realise the magnitude of impact your voice can make: Once you try your hand at blogging or simply updating your Facebook status, you will begin to see the effect that your words and thoughts have on those who pay attention to what you say.

4.) Carpal tunnel syndrome: Yea, being online…or being in front of a computer for too long at a time can totally mess with your nervous system. Check this out.

5.) You get side-tracked: Famous excuse among students. HAHA! One minute you’re researching some hard-core facts and the next minute you realise you’ve been browsing a bunch of non-sensical bs for over an hour!

6.) Stress: A result of getting side-tracked by being online.

7.) You become insensitive: It’s so easy to say “NO” over the net. You won’t hear the sigh on the other side and the other side doesn’t see your evil smirk. Easy peasy.

8.) Suddenly you become really busy: Being online opens so many new channels for opportunity that you may find yourself grasping at things faster than a soccer mom at a shoe sale.

9.) Face to face communication FAIL: You lose your ability to stay integral. Being a social butterfly, in the true sense, doesn’t come as naturally as it did before.

10.) Learning even more about your best friend: It’s easy to learn more about friends through sharing stuff over the net. This is probably the best consequence of being online.

Every day is a good day.

Ever heard that some people “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” ? That’s the reason my bed is against my bedroom wall. And the ‘right’ side is the only side I can get out on.

Daily, the next 24 hours have the potential to turn bitter or sweet. Sure, life happens, but we move on as every second passes. Each second to follow holds a possibility of its own.

Starting the day in a good mood is a conscious decision. We’ve heard this line so many times, I actually don’t know why I even bothered repeating it. It’s a wonder why some people still don’t get it!

Going into something with a negative refrain, whether it may be a business opportunity, a trip to visit the family, or just the next five minutes of your day, never turns out well for anyone. So put some damn effort into being a friendly person for once! It’ll pay off, I guarantee you.

Be prepared to be delighted.

Feeling down? My advice: Look and act happy and you will become happy.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses… Whaaat?

This statement is absurd.

It seems so painful to me that people always try to outsmart the positive with the negative. Having strengths and weaknesses are part of being human and so are consequences. There are consequences that come with being great at some things, and being shit at others.

I do agree that your greatest strength could be detrimental to your character on some level, but I don’t believe it presents you with your greatest weakness at the same time. How can you even call it your GREATEST strength if it is equal in presenting you with a weakness just as great? Then it aint great at all!

That’s like saying your greatest strength is that you’re funny, but you pee in your pants when people laugh at you. U follow?

If you regard being funny as your greatest strength then there is some real reason behind WHY you see it as your greatest strength. Clearly you wouldn’t consider it your greatest strength if it gave you an equal amount of mishap as it did joy?

Just saying.

Feelings follow behaviour

Yea, they do. Feelings are the aftermath of behaviour.

During moments of rushed decision-making you will find yourself looking back and thinking: “What did I do that for?” or “I’m so glad I did that”. Both of your responses, good or bad, are egged on by your feelings which triggered your thoughts.

It’s one of those raw facts of life. Sometimes, no matter how strongly you anticipate the feelings that await you after doing something, you will only truly feel them once you’ve made your move. At least you had your guard up and ready to deal with what was coming your way.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t think before you do, then this is a lesson you still need to learn.

Consider some consideration

Consider some consideration. Your actions don’t only bare consequences for you. Whether directly or indirectly you will always affect those who surround you on some level. Like farting in an elevator… it’s so lame!

That never minded attitude is so appealing to me. I wish I could go through life only thinking about what I want, getting what I want, when I want it.

Although it seems like such an attractive idea, I can’t help remembering that I despise people with that attitude.

Finding a balance between is what we have to do. Weigh out the options…perhaps one action may have fewer feelings and reactions to follow than the other. Decisions, decisions…