My Top 200 achievements

According to an achievement is something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.

Achievements are things that people can be proud of.  If achievements come pouring in for you, then congrats on all your hard work.  You probably fuel the occasional “WOW!”.

Achievements are the things that have given you an extra cut-above-the-rest. For many people achieving something new may come by surprise, well most things I’ve achieved have. It’s all in making the right decision at the appropriate time. Living in the moment.

Anyway, here are some of the most significant achievements in my life thus far. Some may just be here, because I was proud at the time and others, because they made me happy:

  1. Spice Girl in Primary school play (That was major for a lil girl back then. I was Posh Spice.)
  2. Awarded the “Best Hairstyle” award in Gr.7.
  3. Awarded the “Social Butterfly” award 3rd year PR.
  4. Matric Certificate (Yes, I finished school, and I loved it!)
  5. Senior Council member 2006 ( Big job in a school of  1500!)
  6. Global Forum Solutions Team member 2010 (Rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential business people in the world. Worth the brag!)
  7. Survived Septicemia March 2009 (Hint: it’s not an event, it’s an illness.)
  8. Worked at Kodak Photographic store for 2 years.
  9. Learned how to manually operate an SLR Digital camera.
  10. Graduated with my Public Relations Management Diploma.
  11. Accepted to continue my studies on Btech level.
  12. Accepted to study Film and Media Studies at UCT (Wonder what life would have been like if I had taken that path.)
  13. Accepted to study Public Relations Management at CPUT.
  14. Danced and acted in 3 school plays.
  15. Choreographed and taught dances to Gr.8 kids for a concert.
  16. Successfully applied for an internship at
  17. Worked at for a year.
  18. Completed my dancing exams until Final Grade level (Still want to go further!)
  19. Managed Cafe Latino coffee shop from time to time. (I love being the boss 😛 )
  20. Managed a stand at Rocking the Daisies 2009 and Easter Vortex 2009.
  21. Sourced and managed entertainment for CANSA Parow Relay for Life 2010.
  22. Helped raise over R80 000 for CANSA.
  23. Cheerleader in Highschool. (Contrary to popular belief the BHS cheerleaders work their asses off to control a crowd of 1500 learners.)
  24. Winning Interschools Singing Cup.
  25. Winning Intercolours Singing Cup.
  26. Took part in the first Twitter lecture online in 2010.
  27. Travelled to New Zealand and experienced it’s beauty in 2007.
  28. Danced non-stop for 9 hours (and it hurt, but it was worth it) at Lockdown V in 2010.
  29. I realised that this is going to take forever.
  30. I realised that I could be using this time to achieve #31.

I’m not going to share my other 170 achievements, because I’m not sure they’re totally legit ( like the Spice Girls one ) and because there isn’t much you can take for yourself by reading about my achievements.

Try writing your list… it’s not easy. Makes you wonder how you managed to stay on the planet for so long and only do so little :/ Then again, maybe ‘achievements’ is too much of an academic word.

Let’s rather write a list of our “Top 200 Happy Moments”. I prefer not to be too serious 😉

One response to “My Top 200 achievements

  1. Time for an update? It has been a busy couple of months! 🙂

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