Try a cliché…

In learning how to write properly I remember being warned about using cliché’s. I still don’t know whether I write ‘properly’, but I don’t see how they could ever be completely detrimental to my writing skills.

Cliche’s make me cringe. Especially when my mother uses them. They’re worn out phrases that people use to breed familiarity with. Often I’ve contemplated using words to replace the cliché’s that pop into my head, but they never have the same effect.

As douche-baggish as they may sound, I’ve found that most cliché’s have a subliminal message attached to them that cannot be replaced by simple, or not so simple English.

The writing is on the wall…I could continue to talk a hind leg off a donkey, but I’ve already made myself  crystal clear.

Don’t be afraid to think inside the box.

Avoiding the cliche... not always fun

Then again, being different isn’t always blissful.

3 responses to “Try a cliché…

  1. Well said… 🙂

  2. nicolefernandes

    so true! many languages have this. like porcos balem chuva cai. direct translation when pigs dance rain will fall. weird to explain but you get point. xoxo

  3. A cliché extravagansa

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