Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses… Whaaat?

This statement is absurd.

It seems so painful to me that people always try to outsmart the positive with the negative. Having strengths and weaknesses are part of being human and so are consequences. There are consequences that come with being great at some things, and being shit at others.

I do agree that your greatest strength could be detrimental to your character on some level, but I don’t believe it presents you with your greatest weakness at the same time. How can you even call it your GREATEST strength if it is equal in presenting you with a weakness just as great? Then it aint great at all!

That’s like saying your greatest strength is that you’re funny, but you pee in your pants when people laugh at you. U follow?

If you regard being funny as your greatest strength then there is some real reason behind WHY you see it as your greatest strength. Clearly you wouldn’t consider it your greatest strength if it gave you an equal amount of mishap as it did joy?

Just saying.

2 responses to “Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses… Whaaat?

  1. Uhm… I think that there is and always will be some balance in everybody. So I think what the statement means or says is that everybody with a great strength, you will probably find (or never find) has some great weakness as well. But it just sounds better the other way around. People who seem to have major weaknesses probably have gigantic strengths in other fields…

    If being funny is your greatest strength, I think then it might be that your biggest fear is death. I know it sounds harsh but a more simple example just doesn’t do the trick. Besides, I’m into the filmmaking business, where life,death and philosophy rule over all decisions. 😀

  2. nicolefernandes

    u* mxit taking in over there. look lauren finally has a fault;) i dont know i agree that greatest strenght is greatest weakness. like me being mother hen, then I think I must look after people, instead of picking people that do same for me… hmm

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