Feelings follow behaviour

Yea, they do. Feelings are the aftermath of behaviour.

During moments of rushed decision-making you will find yourself looking back and thinking: “What did I do that for?” or “I’m so glad I did that”. Both of your responses, good or bad, are egged on by your feelings which triggered your thoughts.

It’s one of those raw facts of life. Sometimes, no matter how strongly you anticipate the feelings that await you after doing something, you will only truly feel them once you’ve made your move. At least you had your guard up and ready to deal with what was coming your way.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t think before you do, then this is a lesson you still need to learn.

Consider some consideration

Consider some consideration. Your actions don’t only bare consequences for you. Whether directly or indirectly you will always affect those who surround you on some level. Like farting in an elevator… it’s so lame!

That never minded attitude is so appealing to me. I wish I could go through life only thinking about what I want, getting what I want, when I want it.

Although it seems like such an attractive idea, I can’t help remembering that I despise people with that attitude.

Finding a balance between is what we have to do. Weigh out the options…perhaps one action may have fewer feelings and reactions to follow than the other. Decisions, decisions…


One response to “Feelings follow behaviour

  1. nicolefernandes

    farting in elevator. ever done that? haha nice blog.

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