Japanese rice art!

Seems all things Japanese and wonderful keep making their way into my life. This time my surprise came in the form of an email from my boyfriends mum.

Again it involves Japanese art. Hooooda-thunk-it!

Japanese farming villages have decided to take on a different approach to making their farming efforts unique. Aomori prefecture village of Inakadate, has earned a reputation for its rice illustration which was planted for the first time in the summer of 2009.

Sengoku Warrior

How do they do it? Well, if you are a Farmville player (hehe) you will know that rice comes in different colours. Farm workers need to strategically plant the rice in position, so that when it grows the colours paint a picture. The faster the crop grows the faster the illustration emerges.


Team work does wonders


Can you see the image emerging?


The final product


See more images here.

In my last post about Japanese art I referred (and linked) to a famous historical artwork by Hokusai called the Great wave… If you recognise the image above and didn’t know why, there’s your explanation. It seems the Japanese realise that the rest of the world has an interest in this piece. They sure know talent when they see it.

I want to know how long these planting sessions take to plan! Congrats to the Japanese, innovation comes so easily to them!

Recreation and  productivity at the same time. Like a dream…It’s like finding a job that you enjoy.

I’m going to try it on my Farmville farm now! I’ll let you know how it works out 😉


3 responses to “Japanese rice art!

  1. Is Japan a country on Earth? Because their people and their creativity is out of this world! Seriously, I cannot believe that they actually grow the crops on such a large scale in these beautiful images.

    I love the ladybug and the Doraemon and deer dancers images (checked out the rest of the

    This takes me back to high-school where we used to flash images with our blazers. I though t we were like SO cool… if only knew right!

    Haha, so next time I eat sushi it might just come from the ladybug’s butt!

  2. nicolefernandes

    wow stunning pics, how did you come across this topic? love it:)

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