It’s a poor idea to lie to yourself.

I agree with this statement, but I feel guilty to say so. The word HOPE has alot to do with my feelings…

A while ago I changed my Facebook status to this: “False hope? There is no such thing. Either you hope or you don’t…” I was hoping everything was as it seemed, but that’s another story.

For some  reason what I had said just seemed too shallow, so I went looking for a reason why. I coincidentally (or not) came across a quote by Margaret Weis that I needed to follow with.

So I commented on my status saying: “Shitties look what I found :/  “Hope is the denial of reality” (Margaret Weis) ARGH >< Will I ever win?”

What I’ve realised is that when the word hope is used e.g. “I hope that bird isn’t going to poo on my head” it is used on the grounds that the thing you hope isn’t going to happen, most probably IS going to happen.

If you deny what is going to happen, soon you may start denying what IS happening and that’s when you become blind to the truth and lie to yourself.

So obviously… to lie to yourself is a bad idea, but to realise you’re lying to yourself may be a new obstacle altogether.


3 responses to “It’s a poor idea to lie to yourself.

  1. nicolefernandes

    nicely written! yep no matter how you look at it- hope or not, one should just face the music and move on. If one doenst face that obstacle, you arent really living and one day you going to look back and go- dam i should have.. so lets all wake up and smeeel the coffee!

  2. I love it that you make me think!!!great blog!

  3. Very nice angle on this topic Lauren, although I don’t like it (what you say about hope, not your blog – iIalways love your blogs) so much.

    One of my favourite verses in The Bible is 1 Corinthians 13: 13 that reads “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love”.

    For me, hope means that you are not giving up – that you are positive in wished and believing that something would be better than it is (even if it is a bird not pooping on your head).

    I hope that you understand my point of view :):)

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