Eat this! 2012

What does the number 2012 mean to you? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it? For most of you it is only a conspiracy theory about the end of the world. For some it may be the theory of the end of humankind.

Without disregarding whatever it means to you, I’d like to educate you on what has been written about 2012. Let’s start at the very beginning. This will possibly be a series of blog entries, but I promise to keep you entertained 😉 .

Watch this!

How do you feel after watching that? I felt the anxiety of the entire natural existence of the earth making it’s move on the human race. And this makes me angry, because I know that indirectly I’m part of the damage that the earth has received.

It made me nervous and it made me scared, so I decided to do something about it. Knowledge is power so I have started researching the conspiracies surrounding the date; December 21, 2012.

Reality Sandwich is the first place I turned to and without fail turned to Google thereafter to find more opinions on the topic. I was shown Reality Sandwich by a friend of mine and have been hooked on the interesting content of the site ever since. (Click on the link to see another short video on their homepage.)

To my delight I found and downloaded a document presenting the various perspectives on 2012. Register at Reality Sandwich and you can download and read it here, or you can wait for my next blog posting this time next week to find out the core of what I learned.

I’m really excited to open up your minds to the ideas that exist around this topic! Are there any requests before I begin my quest of 2012 enlightenment?


2 responses to “Eat this! 2012

  1. I watched the movie, 2012, the other night and was just as frightened! Although it is just a movie, it shook some reality in me that the earth is, in fact, suffering from our unconsciousness to global warming. This year we have experienced so many strange weather conditions – from heat stokes to thunder to wind and rain storms- all in one day. I am actually terrified in thinking what the next few seasons have in store for us. We are “killing” the earth and it will turn back on us. We are actually contributing to our own end (if that is what we are headed to).The movie clip is so true – we are not in control of nature, but a part of nature and we need to cooperate with nature. I am very excited to read your future posts on this topic as I think we all need a serious shock to what we are doing to the earth and start living a greener life!

  2. nicolefernandes

    After listening to this famous topic over the radio and conversation swith friends and family- I think that people who believe that the world is going to end in December 2012 should write me a cheque with all their money, as they are going to ‘die’ then anyway;)

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