Fish falling from the sky.

Hopefully fish will never fall from the sky. Some fish get really big and heavy.

Nobody’s going to believe you when you arrive home with a black eye and scales all over you. Stephanie: ” I got rained on by a fish!” (Pfft, yea right!) Her sister: “Mom, Stephanie’s been stealing sushi again!”

That reminds me of something my mom used to say to me “Lauren! Stop it! Or else I’ll rip your arm off and hit you with the wet end!”

It’s the funniest scolding I’ve ever heard! The best thing about it is that it worked. I was as quiet as a dead plum whenever she used that line. Of course I never thought she’d actually do it, but I knew my bottom would be as red as the wet end of my arm if I didn’t listen!

What are some of the funniest moments you’ve experienced when being reprimanded by someone? I’m sure you’ve got some great stories.

Back to the subject of fish… If fish did have to fall one day, I’d welcome one to fall from the sky right onto me, if it had this effect:

Click to see the image on Flickr

2 responses to “Fish falling from the sky.

  1. nicolefernandes

    haha love it. my experience of scolding are many, one that comes to mind is my mother chasing me around the house, I was really naughty and she said: “if you dont stop now, its going to be even worse when I do eventually get hold of you”. yep I didnt manage to out run her(which was my aim) but before my mom even got to smack me I would cry out “OUCH thats so sore!” and then she would smack me softer thinking she is smacking me hard. (sneaky I know but she caught on soon enough).haha shame poor moms!

  2. Ai Lauren, everything about you is funny and different – even your scolding. We used to have various engraved leather flops (made to spank children on their bottoms). I remember one flop read: ‘Hot stuff’ and the other one ‘Eina Pappa’. So whenever we were naughty, my dad used to say: “Go fetch the ‘Eina Pappa’ from the broom cupboard”, but before I got a spanking I would cry so much he would forgive me. Ah, the pleasure of being daddy’s little blue-eyed girl 🙂

    Another funny story about smacking and falling fish – a friend in high school, called Carla, used a very funny expression when she was shocked about something. She used to say: “O jinne, slat my met ‘n pap snoek”!

    Gross… somehow I think it is best not to use the words ‘smack me’ and ‘fish’ in the same sentence!

    See what I mean:

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