The exclusivity of your mind.

Two people come out of a building and into a story… We all feel as if we’re living stories, don’t we? The most intricate characters ever to roam the pages of books were very possibly a subject of interest to the novelist who would write that book.

“A man sitting at an outdoor Cafe in Prague observes a woman in a bright flowing red dress exiting a gloomy building. She’s in such a hurry that she escapes the swing of the door rotating at her heel by only an inch. Suddenly she stops.”

The paths we encounter daily predict our interpretation of things we find in the future . And as close as we hope to get to experiencing a moment that someone else has experienced, it can never be exactly the same.

I don’t believe anyone can ever physically duplicate a single moment of another person’s life in totality. By ‘in totality’ I mean in thought, in perception , in emotion, in sight, in feeling and in the rest of our senses.

That is how exclusive each human is. Looking through a wider lens, you may say it is even inimitable of us to think about some things as deeply as we do…

We’re inquisitive beings who think A LOT! For some it leads to depression, leaving numerous questions unanswered and dwelled upon. For others it means enlightenment from coming to terms with the beauty of what cannot be explained, but simply just IS.


7 responses to “The exclusivity of your mind.

  1. Yes I agree, we think to much and that sometimes is a bad thing!

  2. Lauren, I agree with every single person being exclusive of themselves – yes, no one can ever duplicate a single moment of another person’s life. And I love your first paragraph, but I don’t exactly understand how you link it to coming out of a story and into a room though, please explain. I adore your writing and would love to understand how your mind worked around this topic.

  3. lol.van.onselen

    Hey there, this may take a while so bare with me…

    “Two people come out of a building and into a story…” We’re all living stories, the stories of our lives.

    Writers will write about our lives and try to duplicate our stories, our feeings and our thoughts, but (as you agreed) no one’s experience can ever be duplicated to perfection.

    Lastly I talk about how we think about people and life, but often fail to understand. When we fail to understand the meaning of thing inexplicable we should rather accept them for what they are than burden ourselves with the anxiety of asking ‘why?’.

    Luckily I could explain that 🙂

    That’s my entire train of thought. (I know I think weirdly, hehe.)

  4. nicolefernandes

    what recreational drugs do you take?haha joking. Love your blogs. Your angle on this topic is different and interesting..keep on keeping on:)

  5. Yes you do think wierdly, but that makes your blogs and frame of thought so interesting! I understand now, well done! I really like it!

  6. Your approach on this topic is very interesting and hits home quite sharply. Many times I find myself, among people at a social gathering or even just walking down the road or in a mall, just zoning out of my immediate circumstances and watching the people around me. I then realize that my story is only one of a million and if only for one sentence i get to be a part of anothers’ story! Its really amazing!

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