The significance of your existence

Stand alone on a hilltop and look into the distance…what you see is a trillionth of all the views anyone can ever see of the earth’s surface. Now compare your size to the entire universe.

What are the odds of you possibly being recalled for doing something great that changed the course of history? Well, I don’t know, but I’m guessing you think the ratio looks something like this; 100 000 000:1. Or does it?

You are a machine that is able to think, act and adapt on your own. We need to stop doubting the power of our lives. What we think leads us to our destiny and if we think we’re insignificant then we WILL BE insignificant.

By using the gifts from those who stood out in history before you, it is possible to stand up from the crowd and speak to the world!  They’ve made it easier for us in more ways than one to make an impact with our lives.

There were people who taught us valuable lessons in humanity, lessons in bravery and lessons in perseverance. I feel guilty to let these lessons go to waste, and so should you.


4 responses to “The significance of your existence

  1. nicolefernandes

    wow! definately makes me want to make my voice heard in the world 🙂 very inspirational! we all have a purpose on earth, im still trying to find mine but I will get there. haha

  2. Loving the motivation coming out of this blogpost. I was in Bloemfontein this weekend and there is (basically) nothing else to do here than to sit outside and look up into the sky. I had the same feeling you are describing in your post. I do not want to be a nobody in this world and the only one who can make sure that I am not… is me. I will stand out. We should all strive to do so!

  3. Good one Lolly,

    Somehow its a bit daunting looking at the big bad world from a hilltop 🙂

    Keep up the encouragement

  4. You are as ‘GREAT’ as you believe you are.

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