Designer PR

As far as I’m concerned the Public Relations practice is “Designer PR” or could be described as the act of designing PR.

Obviously, no two customers are the same and Public Relations activities are conceptualised and implemented for a specific client needs separately.

These needs fall into categories that publicists must take into account when creating or designing a message. Here are a few examples; correct audiences must be addressed, right languages must be used, the most suitable medium must be used. These complete only the very tip of the chocolate sundae.

If people were all the same, businesses would all be the same, and there would be no need for Public Relations. In the constantly changing, conflicting world, different goals are to be achieved and different perceptions need altering.

It is our skill to “suss out” an environment in its unique form and design a strategic -tailor made- plan to change whatever may need changing.

That is why I believe that Public Relations is a definite component of the world’s design industry practices.


4 responses to “Designer PR

  1. Firstly, love the profile of your blog and secondly very interesting what you have said above . You kept me captivated and very strong points…

  2. nicolefernandes

    excellent angle! like you mentioned on my blog, I saw designer pr from a different angle…wasnt sure what it meant but your angle really interesting. agree with steph on this one, you definately keep me captivated.

  3. Nicely done Lauren! We “design” specific PR activities for specific clients according to their needs, therefore we could say that the Public Relations practice is “Designer PR”.

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